Global Skills Meet offers entire solutions to the business world wide

Challenges in Business

GSM offers necessary solutions to run the business smoothly and in a sustained manner.

Outsourcing Solutions

Based in Surrey, UK, Global Skills Meet offers you the opportunity to outsource the right talent to meet your business needs.

On top of helping you meet the right candidates for your company, GSM offers:

User-friendly portal

Online interview process

No contract

No minimum terms

UK-based advisor assistance

Immediate access

Trial periods

Immediate withdrawal

Before Registration

Signing up to Global Skills Meet Outsourcing has been designed to be as swift and user friendly as possible. We have simplified the outsourcing process, meaning it now takes only a few minutes to list your requirements on our user portal. Not only is sign up quick and easy to complete, but it is also free of charge with no contractual agreement upon completion.

Our talent acquisition specialist will get in touch with you within 24 hours. more...


After Registration

Following sign up we will start work behind the scenes to find the best talent to suit your needs. Within just 24 hours, our talent acquisition specialist will be in touch with a list of suitable candidates that meet the requirements you requested. All candidates will be listed in your online GSM portal. more...


What happens next?

Once you have accepted a candidate you have a 2-day trial period, free of charge, to assess their suitability. When you find a candidate that is the right fit for your business, you can assign them projects based on your personal business needs. Throughout the process with Global Skills Meet we will continue to manage the candidates to meet your needs and expectations. more...


Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Our CRM is set to be easily customised to suit your business model and pipelines, with the end-product becoming you bespoke application.

It is the economically favourable option to the companies looking for a fast and friendly CRM without any expensive cost, while taking advantage of easy-to-use layout.

Your own customisation
Easy to track information
Non expensive, fast solution

Can′t find what you are looking for?

If you have more questions regarding our services or products, contact us directly.

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